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The Documentary Life - The Documentary Life EPISODE 12, 13th October 2016
Filming Documentaries Overseas
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Filming Documentaries Overseas

 Film Documentaries Overseas

Okay, so it should be noted that this podcast is being released a week after I actually recorded it since I’m currently in the ridiculously sunny and ridiculously humid climes of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico filming on Let’s Talk Coffee 2016. So while this may be a short blog write-up, the podcast is a really good one (if I do say so myself!). It draws upon my experiences producing documentary work overseas. Chock full o’ (hopefully!) helpful tidbits and recommendations.

Enjoy and let me know what you think…


Related Resources and Information

Check out behind-the-scenes of my film Journey to Kathmandu. Mentioned in the show, this is where my camera goes down.


The feature image for this show and for this page is a photograph that I took of my translator/fixer/friend, Phon Kaseka. This photograph was taken during the filming of Bombhunters, in the province of Mondulkiri, Cambodia. It won second place in the 2006 Oregonian Best of Travel Photos competition.


Music From The Show

Original score from Journey to Kathmandu by composers Samuel Ross and Jared Jensen.

Unique Child by Huoy Meas

Dont Think I’ve Forgotten by Sinn Sisamouth



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