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Episode 33 – with special guest, Laura Bratton: “Harnessing the Courage to Move Through a Season of Suffering & Grief.
28th January 2017 • Your Blessed Life • Jay Maresh
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Going through a season of trauma or loss is something that we had just as soon try to avoid, but when a season like this becomes a reality in life, the first key to moving through it isn’t to try and avoid it but to acknowledge it.

This notion of acknowledgment will continue to show itself as a cornerstone of the healing process, as we find our way through trauma and loss.

Today’s guest, Laura Bratton will share some special insight from her own story as well as from others on how we can courageously overcome adversity with grit and gratitude.

  • Where is God in the midst of your suffering?
  • How does acknowledgment set the stage for restoration?
  • Are there ‘life jacket’ moments/opportunities around you?
  • How being ‘with’ the pain or suffering can lead you through it.
  • How gratefulness sets the mind and the heart in motion to healing.

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