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Frank and Andy Mix Things Up and Try Not Get Blocked on Twitter
26th February 2019 • Data Driven • Data Driven
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Frank and Andy mix things up a bit and talk about running R in SQL Azure, becoming Anti-Fragile, Appalachia, and how they got blocked by a big time blogger.


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Notable Quotes

Andy and Frank agree The Expanse is well-written. ([02:00])
Frank’s super-secret conference… wasn’t. ([04:00])
You should definitely check out Franks World ([04:30])
Keep up with Azure Data Fest on Twitter ([05:00])
AI Super-Powers ([05:20])
Frank and Andy “learned a lot” when we tried to land a “big fish”… ([05:40])
… and were blocked on Twitter ([06:15])
(It’s all Andy’s fault. Frank’s Twitter block was collateral damage.) ([06:30])
Frank is a Microsoft AI Ambassador ([07:15])
Check out the show with Ronald Schmelzer and Kathleen Walch on AI, Enterprises, and Startups ([08:00])
Shoutout to Milena Rodban and her show on Geopolitical Risk, Cybersecurity, and Tennis ([08:30])
Milena’s LinkedIn article ([09:15])
DIVE DIVE DIVE ([10:00])
“R-uh” ([10:45])
Kent’s show ([11:00])
Frank has another certification: AI ([11:15])
“No brakes on the F train…” ([12:00])
Frank has 36 certifications in the past 2.5 years ([12:30])
COBOL mentioned… ([13:00])
Regarding “SELECT *…” ([14:15])
More information about Azure Data Explorer ([15:30])
On dataframes… ([17:30])
Setting up R in Azure ([18:00])
Frank writes the Artificially Intelligent column at MSDN magazine ([20:00])
Learn more about Azure Databricks ([23:30])
Graeme Malcolm is an awesome presenter! ([26:00])
Frank totaled his car in December 2018 🙁 ([26:30])
More information on Honda Adaptive Cruise Control ([28:00])
Frank’s role – as a driver – has changed. ([31:12])
Book Recommendation: Anti-Fragile ([35:30])
Frank’s brush with “Ponch” ([36:50])
Interesting article about combination of tolerances ([38:50])
Andy shares thoughts on the economics of self-driving trucks ([43:00])
Frank shares thoughts on the shifting role of a driver in self-driving trucks ([45:30])
“Learn how to code” is not particularly helpful ([47:00])
AFAF == “Anti-Fragile As Frank” ([47:30])
Upcoming show with Anders Schneiderman, who has not (yet) blocked us on Twitter ([50:00])
“Disruption is now the norm.” ([51:30])
Mr. T predicts pain. ([53:30])
Frank’s *DataPoint* Be Playful With Your Data, but Judicious With Your Time ([54:30])
“Potpourri episode” ([55:55])
Book reference: Skin in the Game by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (@nntaleb) ([56:15])
Book references: The 10X Rule and Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone (@GrantCardone) ([57:15])
Nassim Taleb is writing an Incerto. ([58:00])
“You’re not that guy. I’m that guy.” – Amos Burton ([1:00:00])
More love for The Expanse… ([1:01:00])
Love for Star Trek: Deep Space 9 ([1:01:30])
Love for “Stargate: Galactica” (Stargate Universe) ([1:02:30])