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Pipeline Comics - Augie De Blieck Jr. TRAILER, 14th September 2019
Franco-Belgian Comics in the Spotlight

Franco-Belgian Comics in the Spotlight

Looking for something new in the world of comics? There's a wealth of comics that you might be missing out on, and I want to introduce you to them.

Hi, I'm Augie De Blieck Jr. and I want to talk to you about the exciting world of Franco-Belgian comics, or les bandes dessinees (BD, for short). It's such an exciting world that it's bringing me back to the world of podcasting after a ten year hiatus.

The new Pipeline Comics Podcast will cover the same range of topics that you see on PipelineComics.com today, with special attention paid to the latest translations of Franco-Belgian comics both on-line and in print. But it'll also cover newsworthy and interesting items pertaining to the North American comics market mixed in.

Visit the new home of this podcast at ThePipelinePodcast.com. Yes, that's the same URL I used on the original podcast, and you get a bonus point for recognizing it!

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