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Episode 8410th April 2023 • What Makes You Happy? • Jake Pearson
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In this episode of What Makes You Happy podcast, the founder of the career app Cheer Seed, Giselle Galper, shares her insights on finding happiness in life and career.

Giselle talks about her love for dogs, walking, and coffee, and how helping people gives her the greatest joy. She emphasizes the importance of tracking one's satisfaction in their job and shares her advice on how to do so effectively.

She encourages listeners to write down their feelings about their job at different times of the day and use the data to add more of the high stuff and eliminate the low.

Overall, Giselle's message is to prioritize happiness at work as it has a direct impact on one's overall well-being.

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Welcome back to the podcast where we ask the question, what makes you happy? Our guest today has the vision to make expert help quick, easy and cheap. They are the founder of the career app Cheer Seed, a play on words for the superfood Cheer Seed and the acronym Cheer Career Helping Expert App. We have with us today Giselle and Galper from California.

It is a pleasure to have you with us today. Giselle, how are you? I'm great, Jake. How are you? I'm doing absolutely, really well and just wanted to thank you for coming on.

What makes you happy? To share all things that do make you happy? Would you mind starting with that? Giselle, what does make you happy in your life? Well, in my personal life, I'm a big dog lover. I love walking the dog. I love the dog park, I love the sun.

I even like walking in the rain. In my career and in my personal life, I love helping people. I've always been a helper and that gives me the greatest joy.

And for food, it's the coffee. Yeah, my head is just nodding up and down right now. For those who are watching this coffee, I really, really resonate with that.

I don't know how many I've had this morning, but I wish I'd started coffee at a younger age. I reckon that would have solved a lot of my problems. But anyway, Giselle, how did you know that helping people made you happy? When did you click onto that? I have been a helper since I was a little girl.

I was that kid in first grade that the teacher tasked with helping someone else. But as I got older, I realized how the time just passes by when I help and also the pride I have in their achievement when they do well, I feel good and there is no better feeling than that. I agree, being in that sort of similar line of work, helping people, and it's really fulfilling, isn't it? When you see that light bulb moment go off of them with anything, or their face light up and all of a sudden they've broken through something that was previously holding them back, that is a really fulfilling feeling.

We've had a lot of guests say that giving back and helping people and watching others succeed brings them a lot of happiness too. So you're not alone with that one there. Giselle, with your Career app and wanting to make it easier for people to get expert help, what would your message be to someone who is struggling with their happiness right now? Or maybe is unsatisfied and struggling in their career? Track your satisfaction.

So what do I mean by that. Write down, use our app, use a notebook. I don't care what you do.

Write down a couple of times a day how you feel about what you're doing. The highs, especially when time goes by fast, when you even forget your coffee. You forget to pee, you forget to check your social.

And the lows, you got a headache, you need a cookie, you need a walk. You want to put your head on the table. Write those down.

Just do it at least once a week, at one day a week. In four weeks, eight weeks, you are going to have a treasure trove of data to start saying, I need to shred that, lettuce stuff and add more of the high stuff. We do that for you in the app.

We actually send you messages to do that and push notifications and whatnot. But you can do this on a piece of paper. And when you start doing that, the lights will go off, you will get unstuck by shutting, and you will start feeling more flow and productivity adding.

I love that. And it's just so amazing that we're having this conversation because I feel like what you're doing is an idea that I had and I was like, how do I track my productivity? And you have just appeared out of nowhere and it's fantastic. So that you're already doing that.

So you're making the world a better place by helping people, which just really aligns with what makes you happy, right? It does. Because if you're happy in your career, you're going to go farther and you are not going to need as much help from other things in your life. We spent a lot of time at work.

We should be happy. Yes. If you can't work happy, we need to fix that.

I really agree. Giselle, thank you so much for your time here today, sharing all things that make you happy, from your dog to your coffee to your passion for helping other people. We really appreciate your time today.