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Marketing That Converts - Teresa Heath-Wareing EPISODE 103, 10th February 2020
5 Ways To Be Authentic And Build Trust On Social Media
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5 Ways To Be Authentic And Build Trust On Social Media

At the request of one of my Instagram followers, I am going to talk about the important of authenticity in social media. Whether you’re running a business or you are your business, being authentic is essential if you want to grow. This is going to be a jam-packed episode filled with lots of tips and tricks, so make sure you have your notebook handy.

Key Takeaways Covered in the Podcast

·      Authenticity is the quality of being real or true. It’s a bit of a buzz word in marketing, but for very good reason.

·      Social media changed everything in marketing because consumers became even more powerful. They had bigger choices and the lines to communication between consumers and brands were opened. It allowed brands to build trust and gave consumers a voice.

·      User generated content is great when it comes to authenticity because it allows you to show that other people think you’re great too.

·      Social media was a blessing and a curse, as people could manipulate the content that they show people. Fake marketing, unclear advertisements, paid influencers, celebrity endorsements and clickbait all led to people stop trusting brands.

·      If you can build trust over time with authenticity, your customers will be loyal for years to come.

·      If you are your business it is easy to show your personality within your business. If you don’t want to show your face, you don’t have to.

·      Listening and responding to your audience is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to authenticity. If it helps, put people in groups and categories so that you can respond to them easily.

·      Being open and honest with your audience is really important when it comes to authenticity. We are all human and mistakes are okay.

·      In order to relate to your audience, you need to know who they are and how you can relate to them.

·      It’s okay to admit you were wrong and it’s important to say sorry.

One thing you need to remember above all else…

It is so important to have someone who supports everything that you do. Whether it’s a friend, a family member or your partner – having that support is vital when it comes to success.

Highlights you Simply Can’t Miss

·      What Does Authenticity Mean? – 07:30

·      #1 Show Your Personality – 15:28

·      #2 Listen and Respond – 18:00

·      #3 Be Transparent - 24:30

·      #4 Relate to Your Audience - 28:40

·      #5 Say Sorry - 34:07