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Empowering Sales Leaders to Become Sales Champions with Barbara Spector
Episode 1162nd August 2023 • Transformed Sales • Wesleyne
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  • [00:46] - Going out on her own after many years working in the corporate world as second in command with no decision-making power.
  • [02:46] - Providing sales organizations with effective hiring strategies and a diagnostic tool to help them determine why their sales people don’t perform well.
  • [03:56] - How salespeople can fully tap into the sales skills they have to always perform at the best of their ability.
  • [08:24] - Why it’s important for sales leaders to understand the hidden mindsets of their salespeople.
  • [09:56] - Fixing Problems You Can Measure: How data can help sales leaders solve challenges within their sales teams.
  • [12:18] - Breaking down the Sales MRI and how it’s a blueprint for sales leadership success.

In this season 8 premiere of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I had a chat with Barbara Spector, the Founder and CEO of Smart Moves where she is an expert in sales force development and retention. Barbara’s career spans over 3 decades. Trade associations, corporations, and non-profits have hired her to resolve issues related to Talent Management, Mindset, and Transformative Sales Strategies. 

These days, her specialty is helping executives understand and remove the roadblocks that affect their top-line revenue and bottom-line profits. Barbara Spector is a nationally recognized thought leader who helps optimize sales force development strategies for executives at leading brands throughout the country. She specializes in "inside-out ways of thinking" that move her audiences to drive growth in their organization.

In our discussion, Barbara expresses her opposition to the downsizing of sales teams and instead underscores the indispensable role they play as an organization's revenue-generating core. She believes it's imperative to preserve their resilience, particularly during periods of uncertainty. She advocates for a retrenchment strategy that doesn't focus solely on revenue, but rather weighs individual performance metrics. By leveraging thorough evaluation tools, businesses can spot salespersons with considerable potential. To benefit from that and more that Barbara had to share, tune in to the episode.


“A lot of salespeople would rather be liked than close business” - Barbara Spector

“Having the need to be approved of gets in the way of salespeople all the time” - Barbara Spector

“It’s really important for sales leaders to understand what the hidden mindsets are of their salespeople” - Barbara Spector

“You can’t fix problems that you can’t measure” - Barbara Spector

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