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Permaculture Farming. Is this the new future? Sigrid Drage, Austria
Episode 5225th November 2019 • Your Positive Imprint • Catherine Praiswater
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Sustainable Ecological Holistic Design

Permaculture is a sustainable design system that applies ecological principles that are found in nature.  For example, some of those designs include regeneration, integrated water resources, ecological and environmental designs.

Furthermore it is becoming more popular around the world because permaculture is useful in responding to climate change.  Additionally it also responds to constrained natural resources.

Sigrid Drage is a successful permaculture farmer in Austria.  Not only does she share her holistic design but also her ecological philosophy on this episode.  Due to the insects, Sigrid didn't have an apple crop this last year.  However, it's part of the process; part of the natural environment.  But through permaculture there is natural regeneration.

Because of the environmental changes on our planet, small-scale farming is a good ecological way for the future.

Learn more about Sigrid here.

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Frei-Hof.  Organic farming in Austria
Frei-Hof. Organic farming in Austria
Irrigation pond
Irrigation pond
Ducks are part of the farming community
Ducks are part of the farming community
A tour of the organic farm
A tour of the organic farm