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Meet Deb
Episode 10824th August 2021 • Love In Your Life • Dolah Saleh
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Speaking with Deb, one gets the impression that there are no big daunting questions about career choice. "Just remain open," she says. The suggestion is not to concern yourself with finding a "career of passion," but rather, be present and evaluate the opportunity when it presents itself to you.

Deb definitely seemed to "Go confidently in the direction," and while I'm unsure whether the remainder of Thoreau's quote is relevant, it's only because she doesn't think of a career path as something we necessarily "dream" of. She herself possessed only a type of self-knowledge. And she made use of the process of elimination. "Like what you so, stay present to opportunities, and once you identify what you do NOT like, leave that behind. It's a refreshing perspective and one that would appear to ease pressure and manage one's expectations in a positive manner.

We love this fresh perspective, because we don't need more pressure, we need less. We don't need to focus on the future, we need to be present to the moment. We may make too much of the career selection process; we could overthink" finding our purpose. Maybe our purpose shows itself to us in the career choices that we discover in time, and only when we keep our faith in positive forces in the universe.