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Brent Ozar on NoLock, Stoicism, and Playing Country Music Backwards (S3E2)
30th July 2019 • Data Driven • Data Driven
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In this episode of Data Driven, Frank and Andy catch up with Brent Ozar and have a laugh or two at Silverlight’s expense, NoLock, and playing country music backwards.


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Notable Quotes

Season 3 opened with John Lee Dumas aka JLD ([01:30])
Data Soup Summit ([02:00])
Introducting Brent Ozar ([05:00])
“Get out there!” – Brent Ozar ([08:30])
Data work pays better. ([13:45])
Brent started in hotel management ([15:00])
Data is the new oil… but we should avoid spills. ([16:15])
“The job is getting harder, not easier.” ([18:30])
The “Aha” moment and ER analogy. ([21:30])
Brent’s quote voice… ([22:00])
Brent’s “Bad News Doctor” voice ([22:45])
Andy throws NoLock under the bus. Brent helps. ([23:12])
On shrinking databases… ([24:30])
NoSQL ([26:30])
Name-drop: Buck Woody ([28:30])
Name-drop: Scott Hanselman ([29:00])
Ballerina Princess ([32:20])
Brent likes to travel. ([34:45])
“No one comes to me for a good time…” ([36:20])
The data is the choke-point. Again. ([38:30])
On Google Glass ([39:45])
On Past Brent… ([41:00])
Name-drop: Brian Kelley ([41:30])
“We’re published. It’s a license to spell.” ([42:10])
Book Reference: Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom ([43:45])
Social Radar ([44:45])
Regarding iTunes… ([45:00])
Brent is into restaurants. ([46:45])
Andy’s Brent Story… ([48:15])
Brent is here to help. ([50:00])
On paying it forward… ([51:30])
“This looks like an engineer built it” is not a compliment. ([52:30])
Learn more about Brent at ([53:00])
A Guide to the Good Life by William B. Irvine ([54:30])
Every Tool’s a Hammer by Adam Savage (@donttrythis)([55:30])
Titan by Ron Chernow ([58:40])
Regarding Midgely… ([1:00:00])
Brent’s Epic Life Quest ([1:02:00])
WordPress Plugins I Use to Sell Training Classes ([1:02:30])
Frank’s New Year starts 1 Nov. ([1:03:15])
Sometimes life resembles a country music song… ([1:04:00])
Frank wrote a book about Silverlight. ([1:05:15])
One day there will be a country song about a self-driving pickup leaving… ([1:06:10])


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Hello and Welcome to data driven the podcast where we
explore the emerging field of data science.
We bring the best minds in data software engineering machine
learning and artificial intelligence now hear your hosts Frank Lavigna
and Andy Leonard.
Hello and welcome back to data driven the podcasts are
we explore the emerging field.
Some data science machine learning and artificial intelligence.
If you’d like to think of data as the new
oil and you can consider us Car Talk because we
focus on where the rubber meets Virtual Road and with
me as ever on this epic road trip down the
information superhighway.
Can I fill us up with more data cliches Andy
is emulated?
How you doing? I’m doing great Frank?
How are you? I’m doing alright?
I’m doing alright so you had a birthday last week?
Thank you yes? Yes, I made another trip around the
Yeah, yeah, you know statistics show that the more birthdays.
You have the longer you live that you know,
I wonder. Though if it’s one of those false.
Corollary’s just just not sure is that false positive.
I don’t know. I think it’s a useless correlation.
I was looking for how describing the same thing just
in different terms.
That’s true. We’ve sound smart when we throw these words
I need all the help I can get sound in
I’m just saying so last week.
We had the jihadis show kicking off season 3.
Let’s see 02 of season 3 and.
We’ve had a lot of good feedback with that JLD
himself actually treated the.
The episode. Lydia Oh wow,
I was super excited with to hear that.
We also announced speaking of super excited.
I’m doing a play on super we announced the data
Soup Summit and so that’s a virtual summit that were
put together data if I’m correct and coming up
in. We’re recording this on the 29th of July 2019
and it’s coming up in just under 16 days interesting
Now we’re having people record their sessions an it’s for
a couple reasons.
One is it’s the middle of the night in some
of the places where the authors live so the presenters
will be probably be asleep when we’re playing their recording,
but we’re setting up forms and stuff like that,
for questions and we’re just trying something new,
and And if you sign up before August 5th.
Then you will get a discount if you use 70%
discount if you use the code data driven?
And beyond that, you’ll get a 50%
discount because we love our list.
We absolutely do. They’re the greatest listers of our podcast
I would say totally totally speaking of funny correlation?
Or redundant correlations, maybe that’s that’s the phrase,
We’re looking for but I think one of the one
of the key advantages here people like well?
Why are you doing a virtual summit one we can
kind of recruit talent from around the world and we
can do it now as opposed to some distant point
in future when if we do hit the Lotto or
Well, you now we talked about this.
A little bit. Indiana first show last week when we
did organizing it was a lot of that was coordinating
when people were available and.
And that sort of stuff and you’re competing nowadays in
you know against all of these other events that are
out there in the calendar.
Just keeps growing with all of these events that people
want to attend that we can have folks record their
We can play it back and then jump in the
middle and do commentary and what have you and then
we can actually compile those recordings and people can at
a later date sign up and listen to the recording
so there’s a lot to like about this.
I think it solves a couple of particularly nasty organizational
And I love it and I love our guest if
you go today to you can see the people
that are speaking in this first one.
There always is in my opinion,
so looking forward to doing more of these we haven’t
talked about our future plans for these much.
But we’re going to talk about those after we get
through with this one that’s right.
We want to get the first one.
The result and kind of see how it goes.
We are using somebody elses software as a solution platform?
Which. It’s always easier to find the flaws and somebody
else is software,
it necessary. It’s almost like that’s a universal pattern of
I don’t know splinters and planks and all that.
But with that. Let’s get onto our guest ’cause.
I hear he’s a pretty awesome guy.
I’ve heard his name come up quite a bit with
the work.
You’ve done and some other places always in respectful tones
With that out, there just engaged.
I’ll send you send you that dollar by PayPal.
Later, you work with them more closely want you do
the intro Andy.
Well, I’m not totally wing.
This introduction our guest today from sunny San Diego.
California is Brent Ozar and I consider Brenda Friend.
No matter what he says about Maine.
We met actually we met on Twitter and I want
to say it was 2007.
Something like that, and around 2008 or 9.
I landed in Seattle for a pass summit aunt,
we did. I think I actually used my phone it
may be the first week.
I sent on my phone had said you know,
I’m at the airport is anybody want to share a
ride or something like that,
and Brett comes back and says.
Hey, I gotta car. I’ll come get back.
We pick me up and we rode from the Seatac
downtown Seattle.
How to great conversation. If I remember right you will
find this ironic people who follow both their blogs.
These days at the time.
Brent was just getting started with this blog and he
was actually picking my brain for ideas.
That’s ironic now ’cause Brent is he’s a master of
marketing through and Anna Master or Microsoft.
Certified Master SQL DBA. He was an MVP I think
you stepped away from the Microsoft MVP program.
Yeah. I did that and then I jump back in
so but great guy
ZAR is those are if you don’t know who Brent
is he’s he’s very popular in our community.
Great Speaker One and in Japan,
too great. Great speaker, handsome fella helper of folks with
database problems walk with the shell.
Brett I gotta cut us where you really get into
trouble and so we’re going to regret.
Well, thank thank God it is totally a pleasure to
hear thanks guys.
It’s funny hearing that big long winded introduction.
I’m like OK now seriously.
There are people who are important and worthy of that.
I am not well. You’ve got engineers to season.
I tell people that all the time is same way.
It’s like we think the stuff we know is worth
very little and stuff.
Others know that we don’t know well.
That’s like millions and it’s just a hard thing,
but you have done an awful lot you sold out.
Pass Summit Pre Conference sessions,
yet and presented all over the world.
The marketing is not to be not to be besmirched.
That’s that’s really important an I am I cannot snatch
the Pebble from your hands.
I did might I think when I talk to so
many people about what you’re going to do for your
career and what your long term perspectives look like the
thing I can’t say enough to people is that you
already know enough technically you have enough technical knowledge to
get the job done for a long time in your
career. It’s that not enough.
Other people know you know that more people.
No need to know what you know you need to
get out there on the blogs social media whatever in
order to say.
Here’s the stuff that good at but Frank about here
are the areas where I don’t have expertise yet.
But if you want to pay me,
I’ll go learn those things.
But these are the little areas where I presented expertise
on and if you want to save time you can
hire me and avoid the same burn marks that I’ve
Yeah, absolutely I think that’s that’s the marketing pieces.
What makes careers so much more stronger.
The difference between y’all sitting out there on the other
side of the podcast those of you who are hearing.
The difference that it’s going to make to get on
to the other side of the microphone to become podcast
guests to start sharing your knowledge,
a user groups. That’s when your career really hits the
gas it’s bananas.
Now that’s absolutely true, I can speak from personal experience
is that the more you share the more you get
and you know it’s just we’ve gotten a lot of
we put a lot into the podcast.
But I think we’ve got a lot more out of
then we put in its especially so important.
In this day and age where tools are changing continuously
techniques are changing continuously and it’s so easy to sit
on the sidelines and go well.
Everything I’m learning is just via googling.
That same as everybody else out here,
we’re all learning this stuff and building the tools as
fast as we can.
Is that all you have to do is jump in
take the plunge and start giving back to people all
the sudden,
it just makes a huge difference.
Absolutely and people shouldn’t think that you know just because
somebody’s else is already doing it that they shouldn’t try
it themselves.
Because you’re going to bring your own unique voice right
so one of the things that I’d like to point
out is that?
Podcasting’s been around since at least 20042 thousand 5.
Yeah, there’s a number of podcasters that have started you
know as recently as 23 years ago and I’ve had
enormous success.
You know if you look at John Lee Dumas right
like I forget what he makes like 100 thousand dollars
a month or something like that.
On this podcast or whatever and he only started in
This is not there is not so much,
saying such thing as being kind of too late for
It’s just like musicians or poets or artists or anything
like well.
Why would I write a love song in the year
Everybody’s already covered love extensively.
You know it’s it’s all about what you bring to
and how you can bring things to life that sooner.
There’s going to be somebody who’s waiting to hear the
way you’re going to bring it to life.
That’s going to be different.
Now we are not by any means,
saying that you should go start podcasting about love,
but you know in terms of data or development or
anything like that.
The market is wide freaking open get out there and
share what you know,
so, so true. And you’ve encouraged a lot of people
through your blog Brent to begin blogging you’ve gone beyond
at times. You’ve I remember your week of starting a
I still send people to that series and it was
written years ago,
but it’s still relevant and it’s just really good advice.
Thanks, it’s tough for us his data people too because
I like I’m so for background on me.
I got started in development when into systems administration,
then gradually segued into database administrator.
When you’re a data person and you’re looking at like
Analytics of the people who are reading.
You and it’s 0000 for 6 months that disheartening but
you just remember sooner or later.
You’re going to help people in those numbers are going
to start becoming larger.
It’s just like starting a company or anything else starting
your career.
The numbers were tiny when you started your career in
the beginning,
you’re like, Oh my God.
Can’t believe I’m actually getting paid to do this and
then generally overtime.
Later, it starts. It’s not just about numbers.
It’s also I think it’s just the weirdest things like
I would write about how to do HTTP posts like
screen scraping and you WP apps and then somebody would
come up to me like I read your post.
It was awesome. I’m like OK like wow.
So somebody other than my mom read it.
If you always took my thumb.
I thought initially when people would start saying there is.
Like why didn’t you leave a comment?
Why did he tell me what ’cause