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The 1970s
4th January 2023 • Processing the Past • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Show Name: Processing the past

Episode Title: The 1970s

Episode #6

Segment 1: Music

-1970s, mostly known or hear of as the hippie/hipster era

-Fleetwood Mac, BeeGees, ABBA, and hit song Y.M.C.A by Village People

-Creative for their band name using the letters of their first names put together, Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and -Anni-Frid formed together is “ABBA” 

-Dancing queen/Mamma Mia

-BeeGees songs are heard today in films like despicable me and are used in media 

-Cocteau twins debut 1979- (personal favorite band)

Segment 2: Fashion,stones%2C%20feathers%2C%20and%20beads.


-a continuation of the hippie era moving into the 70s

-Bright yellows, TIE DYE, Satin shirts, flannel

-Bright colored time, Platform boots and flip flops to style the streets

-Bell bottom Jeans

-Lots of overalls and denim jeans as well as bellbottoms

-A time where everyone was trying to be optimistic which in the end impacts clothing choices as well

-Mustard Yellow, Avocado Greens etc.  

Segment 3: Art

- Neo-Expressionism was a type of art that expressed personality but also simplicity in forms 

-Graffiti started to take place in cities and in areas in the world, not very common and not everybody liked it a lot, Graffiti now almost everyone in the world and even becoming a stereotype in certain circumstances

-Robert Sminthinson was a huge part of expressionism using Earth and Nature in his pieces.

-Yayoi Kusama having creative rooms for her art

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