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Übermorgen Ventures - The Climate Tech Evergreen Fund with Alex Langguth
Episode 46th May 2022 • Climate Insiders • Yoann Berno
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Alexander Langguth is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Übermorgen Ventures, an early stage Zurich-based venture firm with early investments in climate innovators like Sunvigo, carbo culture and delicious data.

Alex has always shown a high level of transparency and collaboration with other Climate Tech investors. In this episode, I take you behind closed doors and give you maximum insights.

  1. We discuss Ubermorgen's evergreen fund model and why it actually helps to raise 1st-time funds.
  2. We hear Alex share how difficult it was to raise a first fund and how they run investment decisions
  3. And Alex and I rip on contrarian views, on what most people get wrong about being a fund manager and advice for job seekers and entrepreneurs

Listen and Learn

  • The reasons why Ubermorgen picked an evergreen fund model
  • The difficulty to sell this new model to LPs initially
  • Alex’s expected ratio of institutional funds, evergreen funds, solo GPs in Europe in 10 years 
  • Alex most painful moment raising their 1st fund 
  • Whether LPs cared more about impact of financial returns 
  • Why having contrarian views and avoiding confirmation bias is so important in VC
  • The area where Alex has completely changed his views over the last 2 years
  • What most people have wrong about being a fund manager
  • How Übermorgen handles investment decisions internally and votes on deals (with 1 to 10 scoring) 
  • The best advice to share with entrepreneurs on HOW to engage with VCs to maximize success of their fundraising
  • How to land your first job in Climate Tech

Show Links


  • Climate Fiction book recommendation: The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson. A fantastic Climate Fiction which gives a lot of clues as to what geoengineering solutions might be most helpful and they will play out. It’s like reading into the future of Climate.