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INVESTTHIS - Scott Bower EPISODE 89, 21st January 2020
Wholesaling Strategies and Working Around iBuyers
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Wholesaling Strategies and Working Around iBuyers

Today's guest is Sean Terry, Host of Flip2Freedom podcast and highly successful real estate investor. Today we talk about everything from wholesaling strategies to making money in a world of iBuyers.

Sean Terry is a former US Marine in Desert Storm, world traveler, wholesaler, podcast host, and investing coach. Currently, Sean's business has a cumulative transaction value of approximately $120MM. Such investments have included Residential Properties, Raw Land Development, and Multifamily Complexes ranging from single-family homes to 138-acre parcels and 10 Unit to 300 Unit Apartment Complexes under various investment companies.

Key Takeaways of Episode

  • Sean's first gig was knocking on pre-foreclosure doors and getting chased by dogs
  • How he was pushed to the point of quitting, and how he kept going
  • His low point in 2008 during the crash while having multiple properties. Learn how he negotiated with banks and didn't claim bankruptcy
  • How he pulled himself out of his situation through strategy, self-awareness, self-education and mindset shift
  • He had a vision of himself and how he wanted his life to be and kept going until he obtained it
  • 760 multifamily units 450K in cashflow from just that property
  • Big Lesson: Use wholesaling as a way to keep your lifestyle the same and stash the cash and push it off into cash assets.
  • How to have your cash flow pay for the fun stuff
  • The importance of morning rituals to ensure a productive day
  • Your Inner World; is it a raging ocean, a babbling brook, or a placid lake? (find out what's best for success)
  • What infusing gratitude into your daily thought process can do for you
  • How to stay hungry and focused on moving forward when you are already successful
  • When you're helping other people be successful, it puts you on the spot to perform at a higher level
  • How he accomplished his first goal of 10K units
  • iBuyers: The good, the bad and the ugly truths to working around them successfully
  • Convincing sellers in an option filled market
  • Changing the business model and innovating to scale up
  • To grow, you have to realize it's going to be uncomfortable and make peace with that
  • It's at the moment of decision that your mindset is paramount

What Sean Terry is Reading

Be Obsessed or be Average (Grant Cardone)

Sales Boss (Jonathan Whistman)

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