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National Association for Primary Education - Mark Taylor 20th May 2020
Marcus Orlovsky - NAPE Patron - 049
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Marcus Orlovsky - NAPE Patron - 049

Marcus Orlovsky is a financier turned tech turned education facilitator: host of TEDx conferences around Europe, working with students across UK and a National Association for Primary Education patron.

'At Bryanston Square, I am combining my skills and knowledge to make a difference in education, from the facilities to what goes on in them, and it’s something I’m passionate about. I built a small organisation to work on bidding for large Government contracts under what was then the Building Schools for the Future programme. We bid for some 48 projects, all highly sought after contracts, and won 42. Later, I also assisted some Local Government procurement directors on around £1.5Bn of contracts from the private sector. 

In addition to my speaking engagements, I now work in and around schools and their students, although I still get involved in a few building or renovation projects. I fund the work we do with students around the country through commercial work for private sector clients.

My time is taken up with projects and with helping drive change. I am often asked to speak at conferences and seminars, where my main focus is on achievement and removing blockers. Some call it motivational speaking. I also get asked to speak to commercial organisations at conferences and seminars where the matters are remarkably similar. I’ve been lucky enough to have received great reviews.'


YouTube channel: inspiring resources Marcus Orlovsky