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Dark Softly Tales - Mav Skye EPISODE 44, 7th September 2020


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to a woman scorned, sometimes pictures, paintings or words just aren’t enough. The ultimate must be given, delivered and sealed with blood. Join me in today’s dark little story, Art.

Art was first published and featured in a dark magazine called Full of Crow, then later featured in the lovely Femme Fatale series on Lily Childs’ website. I hope you enjoyed today’s story!

Welcome to the Dark Softly Summer Bites series. These stories are bite sizes, shorter than usual—about 5-10 minutes long. I hope you dig the Summer Bites opening/closing! The regular program will resume in late September.

Opening & Closing music: Mav Skye

Episode Music: Classic Horror 3 by Kevin McLeod 

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