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CoreBrain Journal - Dr Charles Parker 20th July 2017
135 Nigeria Evolves Molecular Insights – Ajibade
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135 Nigeria Evolves Molecular Insights – Ajibade

Molecular Insights: Nigeria Evolves Mind Care

135 Dr. David Ajibade is an interesting guest reporting on biomedical testing and associated medical implications as Nigeria evolves the practice of biomedical measurements for mental health. He is the Executive Director and founder of Brain and Body Solutions, Ltd., an integrated health center there, and Brain and Body Foundation, a Nigerian organization focused on educating the general public on brain health related matters. He focuses on providing safe, effective breakthrough technologies to alleviate the suffering of children and adults troubled with brain related medical conditions. He has a special interest in children born with multiple medical challenges in Nigeria.

Our Meeting With Dr. Walsh And Walsh Medical Providers nigeria evolves, dr. david abijade, brain health

For the record, I met David at a Walsh Institue training program near Chicago in 2015 and found his enthusiasm and deep interest in molecular physiology inspirational as he regularly considered the process of translating Walsh work back to the Nigerian medical community.

His Experience

Dr. Ajibade received his medical degree from the University of Ibadan and worked in the Radiotherapy and Oncology (cancer) Department at the National Hospital in his hometown Abuja before leaving for the United States to pursue a complete study of mental health issues, medicine and the process of evolving the standard of care. He returned from additional training in the US to serve as a Consultant to the Nigerian Army on mental health related issues, including PTSD, depression, and substance abuse.

He has devoted the last twenty years of his life to studying how the human mind and body work together, with a focus on understanding how to optimize their interactive dynamics to improve mental health and informed recovery. He has also had a keen interest in identifying and studying some of the most researched and most critically acclaimed discoveries in medical science, especially in the fields of brain function and cancer.

Support For Nigerian Health Systems

Here David also reports more details on his non-profit work with the Brain and Body Foundation as Nigeria evolves its care of children with developmental challenges.

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Links For Dr. Ajibade

  • The non-profit Brain and Body Foundation - Provides relief for children suffering from the tragic consequences of brain damage or mal-development beginning in Abuja, Nigeria and extending to other African countries. The foundation raises public awareness about the reality and causes of brain disorders, the burden they impose on society, and the evidence-based solutions available, in order to encourage government and private institutions to join the campaign to promote brain health nationwide. The clinical results seen from these projects are now being published in peer reviewed journals.
  • Brain and Body Solutions in Nigeria
  • Dr. Ajibade - LinkedIn
  • His Twitter Link
  • Twitter for the Brain and Body Foundation

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