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Extending Healthy Lifespans Using Gene Therapy, Redefining Aging as a Disease, Eugenics vs Genetic Modification and Much More with Liz Parrish
17th February 2021 • The Superhumanize Podcast •
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It's an age old dream of humanity to find the fountain of youth, to stop aging, to stop disease. And we may very well be on our way to making this dream a reality. We're currently witnessing the Dawn of a new age of technologies that will change our lives forever, and that will drastically extend human lifespan and health span with gene therapy.

My guest today is Liz Parrish, the founder and CEO of BioViva Science, the biotechnology company researching treatments to slow the aging process in humans. BioViva is committed to extending healthy lifespans using gene therapy.

Liz is known as the woman who wants to genetically engineer you. She's a humanitarian, entrepreneur, author, innovator, and a leading voice for genetic cures.

In my conversation with Liz, you'll hear:

02:35 How Liz’s son's disease became the inciting incident that catapulted her into the world of biotechnology

05:39 How Liz became Patient Zero in her experiment to fight aging with the first genetic test to see if the hallmarks of aging could get reversed

12:35 Liz' definition of aging and why some people stay healthy for all their lives while others get ill

17:57 The mission of BioViva Science

20:28 Redefining aging as a disease

22:05 Eugenics vs Genetic Modification and how gene therapy can help us face global climate change, space travel, and extend our lifespan

24:22 On maximizing the potential of Self and time being the greatest most valuable currency

26:10 Biological freedom: should gene therapy be a fundamental human right?

29:17 Gene therapy and its application in vaccines

32:46 How to make sure these novel therapies do not divide society further into haves and have nots.

37:50 The future is about adaptability: why technology and engineering plants is important

41:50 Cultured meat: an exciting new technology and solution to the unsustainable animal agriculture

47:02 Gene therapy: the most exciting things happening now, which ones hold the most promise and what Liz predicts for the next ten years

52:10 Liz‘s practices, anti aging regimen and recommendations

Resources mentioned:

BioViva Science

Twitter: @ParrishLiz

Integrated Health Systems




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