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Don’t Get Hacked! WordPress Security & What You’re Doing Wrong with Paul Irvine WPCP: 096
5th May 2016 • The Kim Doyal Show • Kim Doyal
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This interview is another testament to reaching out and making real connections online. Paul and I connected through Facebook and went back and forth a few times via messenger, then set up a Skype call (I've made the mistake in the past of setting up interviews with people that I haven't had a chance to talk to prior... it doesn't always go so well. Not that the interview is bad, but it's not always the best fit for my show & audience). Obviously that wasn't the case with Paul Irvine. While WordPress Security is absolutely crucial... it's not always the most fun topics (or dare I say interesting? No offense Paul... because you certainly make it more interesting!). What tends to happen is that people get interested in security after the fact. As in, after they've been hacked, something has broken or things aren't working the way they're supposed to (nothing like a couple thousand spam comments, huh?). [Tweet ""The corporate world decided I was going to be part of the implosion in 2008" - @paulirvine79"] Like many of us, Paul tested a bunch of different things when starting his online business. The reason I always ask this question of my guests is because there is SO much value in hearing that you're not alone (we all beat ourselves up for the money we've spent on products, mentors or 'systems'.... and never got us the 'ROI' we wanted). The one common denominator in every story is that they didn't give up. They kept trying, testing and simply decided they were going to find a way to make this work. That's where Paul Irvine comes in (thankfully). What You're Going to Learn: How Paul made the most of the financial crisis in 2008 Where the search for 'make money online' took Paul (the rabbit hole) How he leveraged his corporate skills into his own business The few things that Paul did when trying to get his online business going (affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, article marketing... you name it) How he got his adsense account banned What you should be looking for with hosting [Tweet "There is a way to make money online, but there isn't a magic button. You have to have the drive to make it work" -@paulirvine79"] Questions I Asked Paul What were you doing before you started your current business? What made you decide to take the leap and go out on your own? You focus on WordPress & WP Security. What made you decide to focus on security? What are some common mistakes you see people making with security on their own sites? If you could get everyone to do ONE thing with their sites, in terms of security, what would that be? You have a course coming out soon. What's on the horizon for you this year?     Where to Connect with Paul Facebook | Twitter | Website Links mentioned in this episode Wordfence LiquidWeb Hosting   Other Episodes You Might Enjoy Lee Jackson of WP Innovator & a Ton of Fun Freelancing & WordPress - My Interview with Brennan Dunn Building a WordPress Business through Community - My Interview with Brandon Yanofsky



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