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Chad Steele | VP of Public Relations, Baltimore Ravens
17th May 2019 • Rich Take On Sports • Richmond Weaver
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Episode 109: Chad Steele | VP of Public Relations, Baltimore Ravens

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Rich Take On Sports

Show Notes:

  • Rich Spotlight: Chad Steele
    • There’s really no off-season for the NFL and people want NFL 365 days-a-year
    • Social media can be both a blessing and a curse
    • Spent most of his life overseas and really enjoyed moving and getting to experience other places
    • Sports was always big in his family with both parents being athletic and his dad, Gary Steele, was the first African-American football player at Army in 1966
    • Sports helped him and his siblings make friends in new towns and become engrained into the communities where they moved
    • Sports also helped instill discipline outside of his military home
    • First love was soccer and football became his passion because he wanted to be like his dad but it was basketball where he excelled earning a scholarship to play at Winthrop University
    • Work ethic came from his parents with his parents feeling that they were against the world as an interracial couple in 1971
    • Part of the Army Cadet prayer turned into a family motto: Make us choose the harder right than the easier wrong and never be content with the half truth when the whole can be won
    • Was given internship opportunities that he should have never gotten but people believed in him which led to a career in the NFL through Public Relations
    • Relationships and the impact of those relationships are what stands out the most to him and the hardest part of his job is when players leave the organization
    • Networking has a negative connotation because it isn’t personal and it’s only about what you can gain
    • Words of Wisdom from Chad Steele:
      • Knowledge is power
      • Relationships and Reputation

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