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EP 262 - Queenie Porter - "We're Manchester United's official sports hydration partner!"
Episode 26221st November 2023 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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Queenie is Managing Director of Wow Hydrate who recently became Manchester United's official sports hydration partner across their men's, women's and youth teams.

We hear about Queenie's career journey from leaving school at 16 to becoming Wow Hydrate's MD via Topshop and The Co-Op Group. We discuss the biggest challenges Queenie faces in her role and how her upbringing has helped her become a good leader. She also tells us why she thinks traditional interview techniques qualify for the big bin of bullshit.


00:34 Queenie Porter's Current Business Challenges

01:28 Discussion on Football and Gender Differences

03:30 The Importance of Hydration in Sports

05:45 Tasting and Discussing WOW Hydrate Products

06:25 Queenie's Career Journey and Transition to WOW Hydrate

12:48 Challenges and Strategies in the Hydration Drinks Market

15:08 The Influence of Social Media and Celebrity Endorsements

21:40 Reflections on Career Mistakes and Learning Experiences

25:01 The Influence of Family on Entrepreneurship

25:35 Gender Roles and Equality in the Workplace

26:05 The Importance of Work Experience and Education

27:08 The Role of University in Career Development

29:08 The Impact of University on Work Etiquette

29:52 The Importance of Transparency in Business

30:59 The Pitfalls of Being Liked in Leadership

32:04 The Role of Authenticity in Leadership

32:25 The Challenges of Office Social Events

34:00 The Problem with Traditional Job Interviews

40:47 The Role of Clothing in Confidence and Success

43:17 The Power of Endorsements and Branding

43:46 The Importance of Hydration with WOW Hydrate

44:15 Conclusion and Farewell

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