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Elevate your imagination and curiosity. Becky Hansis-O’Neill shares innovative technology exhibits created and built by Ideum
Bonus Episode21st November 2019 • Your Positive Imprint • Catherine Praiswater
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Becky Hansis-O'Neill Shares Masterpieces Built By Ideum

Ideum is a New Mexico based creative company.

Moreover, Ideum is focused on using emerging technologies to design public installations and products that lead to meaningful visitor experiences.

Ideum's creative designer, Becky Hansis-O'Neill, also a biologist, shares information on Ideum.  Additionally, she shares some of the innovative and exciting exhibitions they built for various clients.

After listening to this bonus episode take a listen to a full episode about the Penguin Chill!  Two entities come together and share how it came to be.

Through innovation and collaboration Ideum and the New Mexico BioPark Society  brought interactive conservation messaging to the public.  Indeed visitors learn about the lives of penguins through interactive displays.  In addition, the visitor’s not only learn about penguins but how to conserve for a global impact.

Together Allyson Zahm and Becky Hansis-O'Neill share the behind the scenes of how the now, world famous Penguin Chill came to be.   Click here to listen to the full Penguin Chill episode

Ideum's pottery project featuring The art of Acoma artist Michele Lowden.
Ideum's new drafting table model will be coming out next year.
Ideum's new drafting table model will be coming out next year.