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Publishing Novels, Selling Books, and Irish Mythology with Ayn Cates Sullivan
21st February 2019 • iCreateDaily Podcast • iCreateDaily Podcast
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Award Winning Author

Our guest today, Ayn Cates Sullivan, is an award-winning and bestselling author of celtic mythology and folklore for the modern age, as well as inspirational children’s books.

More than an author of celtic fiction, our guest—Dr. Ayn Cates Sullivan’s—life is deeply entwined with her appreciation of Druid legend and spirituality.

Ayn’s love of celtic goddesses and heroines is played out upon the pages of her novels as well as in her spiritual teaching from the platform of her Master’s in Literature and in Spiritual Psychology.

Ayn Cates Sullivan’s “Legends of the Grail series” includes two highly acclaimed books,

  • Heroines of Avalon
  • Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses, with a 3rd in the series for 2019, titled:
  • Legends of the Grail: Kings and Heroes

Ayn hasn’t just written about the Ancient Celts… she has also extensively toured the British Isles in pursuit of connection with legends and roots, and today continues to study with British experts on Celtic myth and legend.

As a teacher, Ayn Cates Sullivan loves to assist creative women and men in spiritual discoveries as well as tutoring for emerging authors each year.

We won’t list all of Ayn’s books here but you can visit her website linked below for the complete list!

Topics Discussed:

  • Ayn’s background story and heritage
  • Chasing Celtic folklore in Ireland and the UK
  • Dealing with depression by visiting sacred sites
  • Finishing her Doctorate
  • Ayn’s daughter encouraging her to publish her stories
  • Being turned down by publishers
  • Starting a publishing company
  • Getting published overseas
  • Celtic goddesses, Druids, and Irish folktale
  • Sold out her first Legends of the Grail book the first day!
  • Tips for authors, aspiring authors, and writers
  • The most productive actions for selling your books
  • Importance of Foreign Rights agents and overseas publishing
  • Radio shows, book signings, and events
  • Finding the right award ceremonies for submitting your book
  • The three most important things that Ayn would recommend for authors
  • Working with illustrators for illustrated books
  • What to look for in a PR agency
  • The critical importance of Amazon reviews
  • Closing thoughts
“We achieve our wholeness by asking the right questions.” 
~Ayn Cates Sullivan, author, publisher, & teacher


Ayn Cates Sullivan’s website

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