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The Variety Artist with John Abrams – Weekly chats with inspiring Performers - John Abrams EPISODE 80, 7th October 2019
Claude Haggerty Explains Sponsorships – Win-Win-Win!
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Claude Haggerty Explains Sponsorships – Win-Win-Win!

This interview blew my mind! Claude Haggerty tells a couple a great stories. But then, he reveals the secrets of creating sponsorships where everybody wins.

It’s a very different way of thinking about marketing. If you’re contacted or are approaching a potential customer, do ya think you’d get a better response if they had to pay you for performing… or if you paid them.

We talk all about SPONSORSHIP. What if you didn’t have to compete with other entertainers on price? What if you could get exactly the fee you want and more? When trying to book a show, what if money was no object?

That’s exactly what we talk about.

It really is fascinating.

This interview could literally change the way you do business.

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