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Versicherung ToGo - Chubb's Insurance To Go podcast - Global Supply Chains & their pitfalls | Guests: Simon Carpels, Small Commercial Segment Leader Germanics, und Guilherme Pereira, Product Manager Customer Revenue Products, Hapag-Lloyd AG
15th December 2021 • Versicherung To Go • Chubb European Group SE
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Lieferketten werden immer internationaler und weil das so ist, wird es dieses Mal auch unser Podcast, d.h. diese Folge ist auf Englisch, "Insurance To Go" - explains in a compact and easy to understand manner how insurance works.

Global supply chains have their pitfalls, as demonstrated by the blockage of the Suez Canal: For almost a week, one of the most important waterways for the global shipping industry was impassable, causing an enormous traffic jam of several hundred container ships. What impact such an incident might have on companies and what are other transportation risks they have to deal with is what we will be taking a closer look at or, to be more precise, is the topic in this show. Guilherme Pereira who is taking care of the definition, planning, development and execution throughout the whole lifecycle of products at Hapag-Lloyd, and Simon Carpels, being responsible for Chubb´s online solutions in Germany and Austria discuss how digital partnerships and smart insurance solutions can protect companies when transporting their cargo around the world.