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Spapreneur Podcast - Spapreneur Podcast EPISODE 115, 19th December 2019
Stop Making Mountains Out of Mole Hills
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Stop Making Mountains Out of Mole Hills

There are many times when people think they are having to deal with big catastrophes in their business and personal life, but I can guarantee that in almost every single one of those situations, they were not even close to being a catastrophe. Our automatic reaction is to panic and think that this is the ‘worst situation ever’ when really it’s not that bad at all.  On this episode of the Spapreneur podcast, we’re talking about true catastrophes, how we deal with them and plans that you can put in place.

Topics Mentioned

  • We eat turkey, not cheer for it at football
  • Making mountains out of mole hills
  • Perspective
  • What is a catastrophe?
  • It’s a perception issue
  • What would be a catastrophe? 
  • Prepare for catastrophe
  • Are you being a drama queen?
  • Ramona was a drama quuen

Resources Mentioned