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How to have magnificent sex (with Dr. Peggy Kleinplatz)
Episode 43rd April 2022 • Love, Sex & Intimacy • Sarah Rose Bright
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I’m honoured to interview Dr. Peggy Kleinplatz, author of one of my favourite books, Magnificent Sex: Lessons from Extraordinary Lovers.  Dr Kleinplatz shared some of the lessons and wisdom she learnt from the extraordinary lovers she researched. 

We had a rich conversation exploring why great lovers are made not born, how the cure for low sexual desire is to create a sex life that is worth wanting,  the truth about sex in long term relationships, how to create gourmet sex and more. This is essential listening!  

Dr. Kleinplatz shares:

  • The eight qualities of extraordinary lovers 
  • The lessons learnt from extraordinary lovers 
  • Why the cure for low sexual desire is desirable sex 
  • Why sex doesn’t need to fade in long term relationships 
  • The illusion of spontaneous sex
  • Why great lovers are made not born
  • How to create gourmet sex 

Dr. Peggy J. Kleinplatz is Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa, Canada. Please see She is a Certified Sex Therapist and Educator.  Her clinical work focuses on eroticism and transformation. Her current research focuses on optimal sexual experience, with a particular interest in sexual health in the elderly, disabled, chronically ill and marginalized populations. She is also providing international training for therapists seeking to “treat” low/no desire/frequency by enhancing the quality of couples’ sexual and relational intimacy. 

Kleinplatz has edited or authored five books including New Directions in Sex Therapy: Innovations and Alternatives, winner of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsellors and Therapists (AASECT) 2013 Book Award and with A. Dana Menard, Ph.D.  Magnificent Sex: Lessons from Extraordinary Lovers, winner of the 2021Society for Sex Therapy and Research Consumer Book Award. 

In 2015, Kleinplatz received the AASECT Professional Standard of Excellence Award. In 2021, Kleinplatz received the Distinguished Sexual and Gender Health Revolutionary Award by the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health of the Medical School, University of Minnesota.


For more information on Dr Kleinplatz’s work, training and to find a therapist, visit

Magnificent Sex: Lessons from Extraordinary Lovers by Peggy J. Kleinplatz PhD and A. Dana Ménard PhD


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