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Episode 27 - How to Learn 300 Names by December . . . Really!
Episode 2723rd August 2023 • The Happy Music Teacher • Jeanette Shorey
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Learning a large number of students' names at the beginning of the school year is such a challenge.

The Importance of Learning Names:**

- Discuss the challenge of learning names, especially without the advantage of virtual labels.

- Highlight the significance of knowing students' names:

1. Making students feel valued and important.

2. Enhancing behavior management through personal connection.

3. Building a positive classroom culture that fosters learning and engagement.

Strategies for Learning Names:

- **Practice Makes Perfect:**

- Call students by name whenever possible.

- Let students about your learning process.

- **Creating Name Tags:**

- Have students create their own name tags.

- You'll get detailed instructions for name tag creation and rules.

- Discuss storage solutions for managing the name tags.

Fun Name Games:**

I'll introduce some of my favorite name games in detail and mention a few others.

- **Jump In, Jump Out:** Ideal for 3rd to 5th graders; the chant and movement make it memorable.

- **I Can Keep the Beat:** Suitable for younger students, involves rhythm and repetition.

- **The Name Game:** A playful and silly way to learn names as a group.

- **Za Cody Cody:** Perfect for 2nd to 5th graders, encourages rhythmic coordination.

- **We’re Goin’ Downtown:** Fun for PreK to 1st graders, a singing and movement activity.

- **Easy Name Game Competition:** Competitively practice saying names quickly.

- **Up the Ladder:** Works for all grades, involves repetition of names.

- **Name Game with Actions:** Engages 4th and 5th graders with personalized movements.

- **Johnny Plays the Drum Beat:** Incorporates instruments and rhythm for younger students.

- **Name, Name, What’s Your Name:** Features rhythmic phrases for name learning.

- **Yes! Name Game:** Offers movement-based learning for older students.


What we talked about:

My blog post with more details about how to learn names

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