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14th July 2016 • The Kim Doyal Show • Kim Doyal
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This post may contain affiliate links This episode is proudly brought to you by my sponsor, Sitelock Sometimes I wonder if I'll stop learning things the hard way. OR... maybe that's simply part of my journey in this lifetime. This episode will probably be a mix of tangible with philosophical, so sit tight, it might be an interesting ride. I've mentioned recently that I'm going through some major changes in my personal life and with my business. I've recently sold my house, which I've owned for 14+ years and was the house my husband and I bought together (he passed away in 2003). I was talking with my mentor/therapist about all these big changes and the attachments to the house and she asked me if it was because my husband and I bought this house together. It wasn't. It was really more that this was MY house. When we bought this house life was full of promises. We had two small kids (they were 4 & 1 when we moved in), I had a new career I was excited about and everything felt like it was in front of us. Fast forward a year and half later and my life as I knew it was gone. Turned upside down in with one tragic accident (stay with me here, it will get better, I promise). This house represented me. My ability to survive... and... here's the kicker... getting to do things however I wanted to. It sounds so odd to say this, but I've often said that losing my husband was easier than a divorce. I've watched people I love go through a divorce and there can be soooo much pain, anger and resentment. And then you have to find a way to navigate a new path with the person you least want to engage with. I never had to share my kids or worry about how someone else was raising them. Deciding to sell my house is sort of like closing a chapter in my life. We've created amazing memories here and it's been an awesome place to raise my kids. But I'm ready... Ready for what? I'm not sure... I will of course be sharing the journey with you. All of this personal sharing brings me to the opportunities and income that are right in front of us, we just don't always see them. I had something 'hit' me on the way home from my last trip up to my therapists and it was something that I think every single person listening can benefit from. "Stop looking outside of yourself." How many times in your business have you made a decision but somewhere along the way (or deep down), you had a niggly feeling it wasn't what you wanted to be doing? I'm not talking about doing things to pay your bills or take care of your family. I think we all get that when you start a business we all do 'what we don't want to do in order to do the things we DO want to do' (say that 10 times fast!). But we're subscribed to so many sites, marketers and people who are doing things bigger and better than we lose ourselves and keep searching for something else. Then I had my HOLY MOLY moment. Let me give you the scenario... I check my email and get a notification from PayPal that Hatchbuck just sent me $70.42 (hatchbuck was my previous email provider prior to switching to Active Campaign. I LOVED hatchbuck... but switched to Active Campaign for a few reasons, which I should get into in another post or podcast). The same day I had shared on social media a new tool called 'Connect Retarget' by Wilco De Kreij. I have a few of his products (all lead gen / Facebook advertising related) and he's a great guy. His products are great, he sticks around (not a JV Zoo product) and continues to develop amazing software. Anywho... I knew I was going to get it (and will probably promote it more in the future, I just wanted to be able to test it and use it first) and thought I'd share it socially one day during the launch. I'm sitting in bed that night writing an email and get a PayPal notification that I just made $98.50 for Connect Retarget. No emails, no ads... just one simple share. So total for that day was $168.92.