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Joey Seeber - Measure Results
Episode 1010th November 2020 • Elevate.Together.Podcast. • Elevate Services
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Law company Level Legal is focused on giving legal and corporate customers the best possible solutions, simply, efficiently and for the best value.   As the Level Legal leader and CEO, Joey Seeber is focused on results and leading with optimism.  

In this Next Normal podcast episode, Elevate’s Chairman and CEO, Liam Brown, talks with Joey about running a law company in 2020, the changes in the legal industry driving an accelerated pace, and Level Legal’s investment in infrastructure.  

Episode highlights include:

1.    [01:28] – An entrepreneur at heart, Joey’s career included detours including being Mayor of Tyler, TX.

2.    [03:49] – Joey notes that change is accelerating as many in the legal community are recognizing opportunities for improvement.

3.    [05:25] -  Level Legal is seeing an opportunity for investment including access to talent, now that the boundaries of physical capacity have been removed.

4.    [06:17] – Leadership, outcomes and being mindful of the desired result.

5.    [09:47] -  Yes, for Level Legal they see this as a time for optimism.

6.    [11:21] -  Liam talks about building trust by solving difficult problems together.

7.    [15:18] – We close with Joey answering the question: Leadership in tough times requires…