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The Quash - Legalman EPISODE 26, 27th August 2020
Judge's robes are COSTUMES 4the show/AH
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Judge's robes are COSTUMES 4the show/AH

In this AH episode I show you just what a total load of SH/T court opinions are. They don't have to make ANY SENSE at all. They don't have to "follow the law". They don't have to "follow the evidence". Did you know that? They can say whatever they want and "poof" we are told they "are the law". It is insanity to believe Sup/court opinions are "the law of the land". And it is DANGEROUS as hell. Stop believing the govt fantasies you've been taught about the courts. They are nothing but jokers dressed in costumes pretending to be independent. Would you get a fair hearing from Chuck Schumer? of course not. But what makes you think these judges are any different? Brainwashing. That's all.

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