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Building Optimal Radio - Jared Gossett 9th January 2020
#48: An Intro to ROCKWOOL Insulation
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#48: An Intro to ROCKWOOL Insulation

ROCKWOOL insulation is picking up steam as a go-to insulation in many parts of the country. With it’s thermal performance, durability, and effect on indoor air quality, it’s easy to see why.

Dan Edelman, Head of Business Development for ROCKWOOL, joins us on the show for an overview of their product.

Show Notes:

[4:04] - The history and growth of ROCKWOOL.

[5:18] - What makes ROCKWOOL different.

[8:10] - ROCKWOOL indoor air quality relative to other options.

[12:08] - How does ROCKWOOL stack up with price.

[14:22] - How to get a crew trained on ROCKWOOL insulation.

[16:30] - The thermal performance of ROCKWOOL.

[18:10] - ROCKWOOL’s exterior insulation product.

[19:44] - Dan’s preferred wall assembly.

[22:45] - Where to find Dan and ROCKWOOL’s Elite Builder Program.