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Personal Struggles in the Workplace: Lessons from Joe Marconi [AW 172]
Episode 17226th August 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Ever wondered what makes a leader truly great? Joe Marconi discusses the value of being approachable, connecting with your employees on a personal level, asking about their life outside work, and genuinely caring – it all contributes to a positive work environment. Remember, leadership is a constant learning process. Let's nurture empathy, be open to self-reflection and keep the balance between old school values and new school flexibility.

Joe Marconi, Executive Council Member, Elite WorldwideAuto Shop Owner. Joe’s Episodes HERE.

Show Notes:

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  • Don't Expect Your Employees to Leave Their Problems at Home (00:04:11) Discussion on the importance of understanding and empathizing with employees' personal problems and how it can affect their work performance.
  • Approachability and Building Relationships (00:08:38) Importance of getting to know employees on a personal level and being approachable as a leader.
  • Leadership and Empathy (00:09:30) Learning to have empathy and be a sounding board for employees, and the importance of self-reflection as a leader.
  • Blending Old School with New School (00:12:05) The need to blend old school values, such as punctuality and accountability, with new school flexibility.
  • Honesty and Integrity (00:16:09) Discussion on the importance of honesty, integrity, and ethics in leadership and business culture.
  • Leadership and Responsibility (00:17:05) Exploration of the role of leadership in setting an example and taking responsibility for oneself and the team.
  • Redefining A-Rated Technicians (00:18:49) Conversation about the need to redefine the qualifications and specializations for A-rated technicians in the modern automotive industry.
  • Retention and Career Path (00:24:18) Discussion on the importance of retention and providing a clear career path for employees.
  • Selling Your Business (00:28:11) Advice on preparing a business for sale and the importance of having everything in place.
  • Four Day Work Week (00:30:40) Discussion on the four day work week and its suitability for different businesses.
  • Considering the ability of employees to handle responsibilities in the owner's absence (00:33:09) Joe discusses the importance of having capable employees who can effectively manage the business when the owner is not present.

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