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What if Killua Never Went Rogue
Episode 518th January 2022 • What if Anime • Hopewell Valley Student Publication Network
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Hopewell Valley Student Podcasting Network 

Show Name: Anime What if 

Episode #5 : What if Killua Never Went Rogue 

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You are listening to the Anime What if podcast with your host(s) Ben Thompson and Eli Miller. 

In this episode of Anime What If the Podcast we discuss: the anime hunter x hunter , and What if Killua Never Went Rogue. 

Segment 1: Introduction 

This will be explaining Hunter X Hunter 

Segment 2: We will talk about what would happen if Killua Never Went Rogue 

We start off with what happens in the original story of Hunter X Hunter and start to explain how our theory works. We then go over each arc in the Hunter X Hunter universe and explain how killua not joining Gon and his friends affects the entirety of the story.

Segment 3: Surprise reveal of next episodes theory, what if Mirio Get One for All 

End of the podcast, reveal next episodes theory and anime 

Music Credits: Mr.ruiZ 

Lifeforce 9 

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