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The Game Changer Podcast - Michelle Dutro 8th August 2016
86: How To Squelch That Inner Critic, When Our Internal Bully Shows Up, with Bruce Langford, Game Changer
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86: How To Squelch That Inner Critic, When Our Internal Bully Shows Up, with Bruce Langford, Game Changer

Bruce Langford believes in mindfulness and it’s power to help people. He became an entrepreneur in 2003 when, shocked by the bullying he observed; he transitioned from being a teacher to a full-time advocate of bullying prevention. He founded the company, ‘Stand Up Now’ to spread the message that when we all focus on respect, bullying will decline. Bruce is also host of the podcast, ‘Mindfulness Mode’ where his goal is to share how mindfulness can increase calm, focus and happiness for everyone, and ultimately reduce bullying.

On today’s episode of The Game Changer Podcast, I have the pleasure of speaking with Bruce Langford, a former school teacher, whose mission it is to stop the bullying he saw happening in schools.  In our discussion, Bruce speaks to the value of his program on mindfulness and meditation, and how it greatly lowers bullying both internally and externally.

If you have followed my blog or podcast for any amount of time, you know what an avid supporter I am in having a daily meditation practice. I don’t believe it’s as much about how long you meditate each day, but rather, how you wind up leading a more mindful way of life through this practice over time.  So when that internal critic shows up, we become much quicker at squelching it, and instead focusing on what helps us to reach our greatest, highest good. Now imagine learning mindfulness and meditation at a young age, and how different your life would be as an adult. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did, as it brings a different and positive perspective to a very challenging problem.


How to connect with Bruce:  email: bruce@mindfulnessmode.com  and his The Mindfulness Mode Podcast:  www.mindfulnessmode.com


Best Advice:   You are what you think.  Change your thoughts and you change your life.


What you believe to be true:  You need to go in your own direction.  You need to make your own way.


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