Susan Postnikoff - The Return of Effective Communication
Episode 11925th March 2024 • COLLIDING WORLDS PODCAST • Angela Valente-Romeo
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Success in business starts with EMPOWERED COMMUNICATION and Susan Postnikoff knows of what she writes.

With more than 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, operations, and management and as a Coach and Hypnotherapist, Susan has studied communication, personal empowerment, and NLP. Her book Empowered Communication - C Suite & Sales Edition, is a MUST read for anyone seeking clear and honest communication.

We are all communicators and the art of communication seems to be dying with the advent of quick social media blurps and the effects of the COVID lockdown. Now more than ever re-learning effective communication skills is essential to healing the divisions of society.

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Susan's book was written for the corporate milieu but her lessons of integrity, effective communication, and emotional intelligence are relevant to all. As she notes."You will become an asset to your business as you develop the ability to make powerful offers and clear requests that drive results and create revenue. You will also find yourself as the expert on results-oriented business that is merged with a humanistic culture."

Buy this book - Empowered Communication - C Suite & Sales Edition. Susan's method of communication makes sense in the world of X speech and babble.

Susan Postnikoff