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Dalen Cuff | ESPN ACC Network Studio Host and Analyst
6th September 2019 • Rich Take On Sports • Richmond Weaver
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Episode 117: Dalen Cuff | ESPN ACC Network Studio Host and Analyst

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Rich Take On Sports

Show Notes:

  • Rich Spotlight: Dalen Cuff
    • Recently made the move from Florida to Connecticut to help launch ACC Network with ESPN as a studio host & analyst
    • Up until about 12-14 years old he thought that he would in the NBA and then have a career in broadcasting and then realized that there are some better players out there
    • Moved to Florida before high school and it was a tough transition however playing sports helped him connect and make friends
    • Dad played basketball at Duquesne and was drafted by the US Army and the New York Knicks at the same time (October 1967)
    • Columbia University called in December of his senior season but didn’t visit until April so getting an offer was late but thoroughly enjoyed his time at Columbia even though they only won 2 games his Freshman year
    • Learned from his dad to expect to be great and that you live up to or down to your expectations
    • Would eventually leave his sports marketing job to pursue broadcasting full-time even though financially it wasn’t the best move
    • Treated every game that he called like it was the Final Four and still has that same mentality today
    • Thought about coaching but he didn’t want to miss out on other broadcasting opportunities
    • Believes that Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player
    • Words of Wisdom from Dalen Cuff:
      • “Things start with self-belief.”

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