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RAW!!! 247. Permaculture Skills Center | Erik Ohlsen | Sonoma County, CA
4th September 2018 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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This episode was so great I couldn’t hold it to myself. Erik Ohlsen is here to share his passion and knowledge of permaculture design and how you can start your own business that makes a great profit! It’s completely RAW, no editing at all including our pre-chat but I think you will enjoy it as much as I did and it goes so well after the last two awesome shows with Lee Reich and Susan Harris. Hope you enjoy and please support our patreon campaign if you can. We need your help more then ever to keep the show up on the air.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Erik Ohlsen director of the Permaculture Artisans designs

  • water harvesting systems
  • anything under the sun
  • doing this work since I was 19

Tell me about your first gardening experience?

I have 2 answers for that

  • Going out with my Grandma Marie
  • My first gardening experience at 19 years old

Tell us about something that grew well this year.

I’m looking at an Asian Pear, we are having an asian pear bumper crop, eating too many giving them away as fast as we can.

Is there something you would do different next year or want to try/new?

One thing,  a lot of what we do are perennial based, a lot of it, a new persimmon that is finally doing well this year.

Tell me about something that didn’t work so well this season.

One of our big issues here are gophers.

Which activity is your least favorite activity to do in the garden?

trapping gophers…

What is your favorite activity to do in the garden?

what I would call chop and drop

What is the best gardening advice you have ever received?

don’t over think it

avoid paralysis by analysis

I don’t think there is any better skill a gardener can learn

listen to the garden

best skill to cultivate

A favorite tool that you like to use? If you had to move and could only take one tool with you what would it be?

DeWit Long Handle Diamond Hoe with P-Grip

The Rogue hoe.

A favorite recipe you like to cook from the garden?

OK, so my favorite on my moms side my mom is from Argentia, goes back generations in Argentina, grandfather was born in Italy, my mom perfected is our family:

Puttanesca Sauce


A favorite internet resource?

Plants for a Future

A favorite book to reccommmend?

The Carbon Farming Solution: A Global Toolkit of Perennial Crops and Regenerative Agriculture Practices for Climate Change Mitigation and Food Security

The Carbon Farming Solution: A Global Toolkit of Perennial Crops and Regenerative Agriculture Practices for Climate Change Mitigation and Food Security

Final question-

if there was one change you would like to see to create a greener world what would it be? For example is there a charity or organization your passionate about or a project you would like to see put into action. What do you feel is the most crucial issue facing our planet in regards to the environment either in your local area or on a national or global scale?

Global warming

we are seeing the results both from an environmental and a social catastrophe

would be a huge WAKE UP call

How do we connect with you?

Permaculture Skills

chat box you can click I get those messages

people can send me an email

check out the website

let us know if you have any questions or inspiration.

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