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The Content Academy Podcast: Content Creation for Online Business | Creating Raving Fans |Selling High Value Paid Content | - Paul Caffrey & Phil McGrath 25th November 2016
Episode 054: Day 4 of the Selection Box Challenge
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Episode 054: Day 4 of the Selection Box Challenge

This is the 4th challenge in Content Academy’s 5 Day Selection Box Challenge that we kicked off a couple of episodes ago. If you want to go back and check out the first challenge you can find it here.


To recap – every day we have been suggesting a particular style of blog post for you to create. Our challenge is to create and publish that blog post – to join our Content Academy Mastermind Group on Facebook and to share your post on this thread and to check out the other posts others are submitting.


Today your challenge is to create an “F.A.Q-Post”.


An F.A.Q post is a great way to not only drive traffic to your site in both the short and long term, but it can also save you time further down the road.



You can listen to this episode in the player above or look for episode 54 on iTunes.


There is of course one bigger question, what question should I answer? I will give you some ideas in a moment, but for now let me dig into just why I feel this “style” of blog post is so important.


Why F.A.Q Posts are awesome


F.A.Q posts are a super way of publishing content on your blog. Really when you think about it, if one person who is interested in you topic or niche has that question the chances are that there are more people out there who want that question answered as well.


So, by doing a bit of work looking for the right question we can ensure that we will be producing a piece of content that people are actively searching for.


Which of course has a knock-on effect on our traffic and indeed our S.E.O.


There are a few other reasons and I speak about those in today’s episode, but that is the main reason we should be constantly on the look out for questions to answer.


Where to find questions


  • Ask your readers
  • Check your comments and email
  • Use Twitter Advanced search
  • Answer a question of your own
  • Go to question sites like Quora
  • Find and talk to a beginner in your niche
  • Think back and answer a question you once had
  • Check other blogs and forums


Further Advice/Reading

How to use Twitters Advanced Search

Michael Hyatt’s Free PDF for 2017 (trust me its worth a read and it’s free)


Our Offer To You

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The early bird tickets to our last workshop were €49, so we really are cutting the cost, but just for the weekend.


Secure your ticket now before the offer ends or the event sells out!



What’s Next?

  • Clear a little time in your diary and to create your post.
  • Make sure you share your completed article with the group and then check out other people’s posts