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Salon Owners Collective - Larissa Macleman EPISODE 183, 20th June 2020
The Secrets to Cultivating an Amazing Team Culture
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The Secrets to Cultivating an Amazing Team Culture

If McDonald’s has Burgers, then we, in the Hair & Beauty Industry, have teams. 

You’re probably thinking something like… “what the heck does that mean?!”

Well, what it means is that the Hair & Beauty business model we all work in, revolves around humans. If you think about it, what we sell is time, human time… that’s where it all starts!

I actually like to think of it like this: as CEOs, our team are actually our clients. How we nurture & treat our teams will be reflected in how our teams nurture & treat their clients. Because of this, it’s important as the CEO to ensure you cultivate an amazing team culture- one that’s specific & unique to your business.

In this episode, I'm joined by Tom White. Tom is the Co-owner & Education Director at Rubi Hair in Melbourne, an international educator for Evo… and Men’s australian hairdresser of year!

We’re going to cover a range of topics, from being the #bestboss, to team management, culture and the ins & outs of the Hair & Beauty Industry as a whole.

Tom believes that when it comes to our Teams, Culture is Key. And more than that, there are 2 Key Ingredients within culture that you need to nail in order for your Team Culture to be truly amazing.

Tune into this ep to hear Tom’s 2 secrets ingredients to culture… plus a whole lot more! 

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