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MICHAELA THOMAS - How Do I Connect With My Wife Effectively?
5th May 2021 • Guild of Dads: The Home of Dadprovement • Joe Horton
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On this episode I attempt to answer the question How Do I Connect With My Wife Effectively with Clinical Psychologist, Couples Therapist, Founder of the Practice The Thomas Connection as well as author, speaker and podcaster – Michaela Thomas

One of the most frustrating things for couple is negotiating the ups and downs of relationships having had no reference point other than their upbringing and what little advice wider society can offer. This often ends up in conflict, communication difficulties and a troubles in building strong relationship foundations.

In my conversation with Michaela we discuss:

  • The difficulties couples face in trying to change aspects of their relationships before putting the required foundations in place
  • The way in which married couples will speak to each other in a way they would never dream of speaking to a friend, family member or work colleague
  • Methods you can use to remain present and mindful in times of conflict
  • How individual perfectionism, internal and external pressures on relationships can impact couples.

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