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123: The Successful Hospitality Mindset for 2023
Episode 1235th January 2023 • Turning the Table • Realignment Media
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Turning the Table ep. 123

  • Check In
  • Clearing the decks for 2023
  • How Many F*cks Do You Have to Give in a Day
  • What exactly is a mindset?
  • Fixed versus Growth Mindsets
  • Why is 2023 any different than 2022?
  • Can't we use the same mindset we had last year?
  • Mindset Belief #1 - Own Your Circumstance.
  • Things will never go back to what they were; the quicker you can let that go, the sooner you can start moving forward.
  • Mindset Belief #2 – Connect to and live your values.
  • Align yourself with people, places, and organizations that share those values.
  • Mindset Belief #3 – Embrace the unknown with Neutrality
  • Be less certain and hold it all loosely.
  • Essential Mental Attributes: Curiosity, Creativity, and Collaboration as a way of being.

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