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266 Boredom As A Marker For Action – Copper
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266 Boredom As A Marker For Action – Copper

Boredom As An Important Marker For Action

Paradoxically, without self-control you can't be free.
- Russell A Barkley

Measure Brain Function To Improve Outcomes - Boredom Matters 

Jeff Copper is an ADHD Coach and national thought leader. He likes to measure. Here he measures, yes, boredom. It looks like it's obvious, but Jeff takes this discussion to a different level.

Jeff is, quite simply, a man for all seasons, as he reflects, reports, and recommends on the remarkable changes in ADHD mind science. His international reputation for asking important questions, for providing an interesting forum to discuss the vagaries of ADD/ADHD diagnosis and treatment, is nothing less than exemplary - especially in these halcyon years of ADHD medication confusion, distrust, and pervasive medical quandary.

It's dicey out there, and Jeff sets out to correct the guessing game with details that work.

Photo by Maxim Smith on Unsplash

Straight Talk: Thinking About Boredom & Function

If the targets and treatments remain imprecise who can blame the public for a pervasive lack of confidence in the ADHD treatment system? The good news, label guesswork is out [hyperactive vs inattentive?], and detailed, functional measurement, both brain, and biomedical is now more decidedly, irrevocably in.

No, I'm not diving into the deep waters of controversy over functional vs traditional medicine. The function I'm addressing here at CBJ is at once complex and simple: brain function and biomedical function from a comprehensive medical perspective are increasingly translatable, understandable, and applicable down at the street level.

My perspective remains the same: Comprehensive perceptions are inclusive, not polarized in either of the warring medical camps and are in the best interest of the most advanced, most precise, most predictable patient care. Let's get past binary thinking - it's boring.

The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it.
~ Neil deGrasse Tyson

Jeff's Outstanding Contribution

In just a few short years Jeff has interviewed almost everyone in the ADHD community from thought leaders such as Hallowell and Barkley to the living experiences of coaches and clients. He connects researchers with Main Street experiences, always chasing data that works in the real world. We're on the same Path.

Ed Note: On My Good Times With Jeff

At first, Jeff and I simply bumped into each other at various meetings, from CHADD to the National ADHD Coaches Organization. I still remember very well how much we both appreciated Dr. Russell Barkley's remarks years ago when Russ added Executive Function insights to the previous appearance-based diagnostic criteria still used as the standard of care today.

We all know that 'Hyperactive,' 'Inattentive,' and 'Combined,' simply don't cover the complexity of executive function challenges. Barkley's insights offer more precise answers - improved target recognition. If both patient and medical teams truly understand and recognize the targets, the dialogue in global offices will improve markedly - simply because the patient can say, "Yes you hit it," or, "Not yet." [Functional diagnostic targets explained in 8 detailed Videos in my Executive Function playlist on YouTube: http://www.corepsych.com/diagnosis]

It Takes a Team

Shortly after that first meeting we both quickly realized that we do sing from the same hymnal. It's not inconsequential that we have, in a way, grown up together. I truly admire Jeff and his work and appreciate this opportunity to again tease apart some of his ideas here at CBJ on this my second interview with him [CBJ/017]. [Also see this Jeff Copper video playlist for the times when Jeff' has interviewed me.]

Jeff is well beyond Byzantine speculations and often dives deeply into evidence and data for more precise thinking and more precise, data-driven solutions. That's what this Episode is about - the challenge of boredom - and how to make it pay for itself.

Why Measure Brain Function?

- Because appearances don't cover the complexities of disorganized thinking. From the very outset of fresh Executive Function insights, it became clear that too many repeatedly treat the standard - appearances - rather than clinically measure the thinking process itself.

Jeff's many video interviews have set a Critical Thinking standard for all who hope to contribute to the growing awareness of essential neurophysiology variables.


This next video seems today like it occurred decades ago - but was only 2012:


Our First Video Conversation Long Ago: Oct. 2012 - 14:38 min


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