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Made For More - Ally Nitschke EPISODE 18, 17th November 2020
018: Mastering Your Mindset and Emotions with Tony Loyd
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018: Mastering Your Mindset and Emotions with Tony Loyd

In an already uniquely stressful year, many people are trying to redefine the word normal to fit their current situations. Although some people find themselves struggling with their emotions and channeling their energy to more meaningful objectives, others are already creating opportunities for themselves. 

The fact of the matter is that not everybody can be great, but everybody can make an impact. That idea that everybody thinks is crazy has every chance of being the next big thing. It doesn’t matter what people say, and it also doesn’t matter what times we’re in; all that matters is that you believe in your idea and are actually willing to put in the hard work. Always remember, miracles will only find you when you’re in action.      


While most people only dream about being a Fortune 500 executive, today’s guest, Tony Loyd, has been there, and he’s here to tell us how he continues to inspire lives through his projects while juggling all the different roles he continues to hold. If you’re feeling all the feels or are struggling to make an impact, this episode is definitely for you. 


  • Getting to know Tony Loyd (02:18)
  • Feeling all the feels (03:10)
  • How to channel your energy to things that matter (05:05)
  • How a crisis can create an opportunity (05:19)
  • Hold tight to the vision but let the form be flexible (05:55)
  • Where to channel your energy to (07:370
  • Importance of having self-care (08:05)
  • Success leaves clues (09:48)
  • How to recognize your strengths (11:50)
  • Strategizing your actions (13:25)
  • Miracles find you when you’re in action (13:50)
  • How your social environment may be stopping you from moving forward (15:28)
  • Mastering mindset and emotions (15:49)
  • Finding your purpose (18:40)
  • Bringing purpose and meaning to the important part of your life (19:50)
  • Pay attention to the heartbreak (21:25)
  • You don’t need to be great to make an impact (23:08)
  • Lots of problems equal lots of opportunities to find a solution (23:42)
  • Introducing Tony’s book (24:42)
  • Crazy ideas give birth to crazy impacts (26:20)
  • Top 5 Tips (28:45)
  • Why you need to lift the underrepresented voices (28:53)