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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 123, 21st February 2019
Podcasting Intrapreneurs Wanted [Episode 123]

Podcasting Intrapreneurs Wanted [Episode 123]

I'm wrapping up my "things that should exist in podcasting but don't" mini-series today with a preview of my upcoming presentation at Podfest Orland in early March of 2019.

In this short episode, I'll run through the main "inflection points" podcasting has gone through over the last 15 years:

  • June 2005 - iTunes 4.9 (still the winning podcast directory)
  • January 2007 - iPhone (listening and directory integrated)
  • June 2012 - Apple Podcasts standalone app (which sucks but still wins)
  • October 2014 - Serial (public awareness skyrockets)
  • February 2019 - Spotichorlet (too early to tell if it will be a true inflection point, but investing $500M is worth noting)

When I look at those seismic events, I notice something a little troubling. There were plenty of entrepreneurial people behind those changes. Maybe it's time for some intrapreneurs to make their presence known in podcasting over the next 15 years?