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Making the Switch from Traditional to Student-Centered Teaching
14th August 2018 • GotTechED the Podcast • Eric Guise/Nick Johnson
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GotTechED Episode 13: Making the Switch from Traditional to Student-Centered Teaching

Welcome to GotTechED the Podcast! In this episode, Guise and Nick discuss the evolution, meaning, and values of student-centered learning in education.  Nick tries to stump Guise in an educational edition of Two Truths and a Lie. They also take a look at the implementation of portfolios in the classroom. Finally, Guise and Nick argue over the best website for data-based lessons.

Why do we Teach?

Two Truths and a Lie: Education Edition


Portfolio Do’s and Don’ts

Tech Battle Royale: Data-Analysis Websites

  1. Nick argues for Buffalo University Case Studies
  2. Guise argues for Data Nuggets

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