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Men of Abundance - Wally Carmichael 2nd December 2019
The Power of Getting Emotionally Attached to What You Want with Geoff Hughes
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The Power of Getting Emotionally Attached to What You Want with Geoff Hughes

What get's you Pumped up? What makes your heart rate increase just by thinking of it? Go ahead, thank about that thing that makes you want to YELL with your fists clenched and arms in the air. That's true emotion for what you do. Now, let's build on that feeling.

Meet our Feature Guest 

Geoff helps entrepreneurs build successful online businesses,get out of the 9-5 grind, and develop their vision into a reality. He is passionate about showing failing businesses how to change their mindset and dramatically increase their performance.

Geoff overcame the struggles of being raised by a single mom, living off welfare, dropping out of grade 9, couch surfing, selling drugs, and living without people in his life to model anything other than average.

After discovering he had a knack for sales he risked the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, changed his mindset, and found inspiration in his own story that if HE can be successful, surely ANYONE can.

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  • Living a life of abundance
  • Paying it forward in your community, family, business
  • Being Grateful for what you have in your life on your way to more
  • Greatly increasing revenue in your business over the next 12 months and beyond

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