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Empowering the BIPOC Community Using Structural Integration with Mela Berger
Episode 929th April 2024 • Healthy Brain Happy Body • Northeast Region Biofeedback Society
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This episode's guide is Mela Berger, an expert in somatic therapies, and founder and director of the International Institute of Healing and Cultural Arts.

Mela concentrates on work that empowers Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) to overcome trauma. This episode is the first half of a conversation with Mela about the particular traumas facing the BIPOC community, as well as the roll health care providers might play in healing and wellness.

During this conversation, Mela mentions the 1619 Project, an effort from The New York Times Magazine to explore the role slavery has played throughout United States History, and an associated book.

She also recommends the journalist Roland Martin, an editor, writer, host, and contributor focused on the perspective of black Americans.

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