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Saving and Serving Sarasota’s Most Vulnerable — with Jessica Hays of SPARCC | Episode 030
Episode 3010th May 2022 • Sarasota Stories • Bob Williams
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Sunshine and beaches. That’s what we tell all our friends up north. Of course, this is a beautiful place to live, that’s why we moved here. 

But there is a “soft underbelly” we don't often see — those who are most vulnerable and susceptible to attacks from domestic abuse.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear from one caring woman who leads an amazing organization whose mission is to “stop domestic and sexual violence in our communities.

Her name is Jessica Hays, CEO & President of the Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center, or SPARCC as it's more commonly known.

For the past 15 years, Jessica has worked tirelessly at SPARCC and today you’ll hear her share ...

  • The crucial services SPARCC provides to the most vulnerable in our community.
  • Why Jessica chose to serve at SPARCC for so many years.
  • Misconceptions that people may have about domestic abuse.
  • How the recent pandemic has impacted the services they provide.
  • Locations where women can get help.
  • Success stories that will warm your heart.
  • Upcoming events and the best ways to volunteer.

…. and much, much more!

I’m so glad you stopped by today. And it is my hope that you will listen… learn… and connect!

Learn more about SPARCC below.








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