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Medication Administration Via Intraosseous or Endotracheal Tube Route
15th May 2024 • Pass ACLS Tip of the Day • Paul Taylor
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Most ACLS medications are given IV push.  But, what happens if we can't get an IV?

Why IO is better than ETT as an alternative route.

The locations we should place an IO when running a code and a location we should avoid.

The ACLS medications that can be given intraosseous.

Where you can find more information about intraosseous access during resuscitation efforts.

In the absence of an IV or IO, some medications may be given down the endotracheal tube.

The disadvantages of medication administration via ETT.

Review of the medications that can be given down the tube and how they should be given.

Medications should not be given down the tube when anything other than an endotracheal tube is used as an advanced airway.

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