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Remarkable Results Radio Podcast - Carm Capriotto, AAP 12th June 2015
RR 020: Michael Haeg from Century Interactive
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RR 020: Michael Haeg from Century Interactive

Michael Haeg is the Director of Business Development at Century Interactive. He says they are phone nerds and have a solution called ‘service setter’ that shops use to improve their phone skills and close more sales. Who wouldn’t want that? Michael points out that the “owning the phone” has a bigger impact on business today than many business owners realize. If you have an interest in booking more appointments; then the podcast will have big value for you. Michael says:

  • The amount of inbound calls to businesses are going up year over year
  • Don’t discount the fact that phone procedures and ways to manage your phone will bring in new selling opportunities.
  • The telephone continues to be your lifeline to sales.
  • If you can measure it then you can manage it and they are expert at this.
  • Bottom line Michael says that his system can grow your top line and he has numbers to show how it works.

Contact: mike@centuryinteractive.com or 214-613-1170. He’s on twitter: @mikeahaeg

Link to Service Setter Video